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WE'RE ON A MiSSiON - to make it easier for businesses to get more done, go further and achieve more.

We believe businesses have the power to make a difference and that by working together businesses can do more and go further.


UMi knows that to make that difference it takes more than just us.

UMi is powered by a great network of open-minded partners across the private and public sector, from the youngest startups to the most established blue chips – all with the commitment and specialisms to make a real difference.

OUR PROMiSE - we make it easier for you and your business to do more and go further:

  • Find or retain more customers

  • Secure more funding

  • Drive more economic growth

  • Attract more talent

TOGETHER: We get that business is both hard and exciting, so we are committed to going on a journey with you to understand your challenges, uncover new opportunities and connect you to with the things that will make a real impact.

INSPIRATION: We believe that even with the best advice or solution, it never hurts to add a little magic to help inspire you to go further.

OPEN MINDS: We work best with people who are open-minded about new possibilities and the desire to explore them.


Launched in October 2016, the team at Digital Enterprise have been helping small and medium sized enterprises (SME) across the Leeds City Region to improve their performance by investing in appropriate digital technologies and expertise. This highly successful programme has provided funding, networking and training to more than 2,000 businesses since 2016. 


The programme is partly funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund 2014-20), the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and nine of the local authorities that make up the Leeds City Region.


Across all strands of the Digital Enterprise business support programme, businesses have attributed the support gained from grant funding and business support intervention as a key reason for their increased use of new technology deployment and digital solutions within their business. Positive impacts have included increased confidences, the ability to access new markets and customers, the creation of new jobs, a more flexible workforce, and increased profitability.​

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