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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Whether you’re new to social media or consider yourself a pro, a little inspiration never hurts. We asked social media consultant, trainer and Twitter wall/event manager at Social Progress, Janet Bebb, which of her clients she holds up as shining social media stars to help inspire you. 

Wired Coffee and Cake

“An amazing coffee shop that’s opened near us, we’ve known Oliver and Katie, founders of Wired Coffee and Cake, for a while”, Janet says. 

“Oliver, who not only runs and makes cakes for the coffee shop but also produces the most awesome wedding cakes, looks like the last person you’d expect to make wedding cakes!”, Janet laughs. “He’s a big guy, with a bald head and a beard. He was a fabricator and wanted a lifestyle change, so he went to college to learn cake craft. Over the last five or six years he’s been running Oliver James Sugarcraft Creations.  

“Katie, his wife, joined him in the business and they’re awesome at social media. They came on our training a few years ago and just took the lessons and ran with them. They are really good at engaging with other people and businesses, building those relationships and collaborations for the right reasons and they’re really fun and engaging with their posts.” 

Dotty Taylor Bridal

A bridal shop in Holmfirth near Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Dotty Taylor Bridal was founded by Shannon Martin. She also owns Evelyn Bridal and Prom in Denby Dale, Huddersfield, Yorkshire. 

“They embrace and understand that using social, they can build connections and showcase what they do – and they do this very well”, says Janet. 

Frankly Delicious

Based in Leeds and set up by Frank Laws, Frankly Delicious creates small batch, handmade treats taking inspiration from all over the world.  

“Frank was on a programme with us and is a quiet guy – not hugely gregarious naturally, but I’ve been working with him for the last six months and he has been doing so well with developing his social media presence”, Janet says. 

Ramsdens Solicitors 

“I like what Ramsdens Solicitors are doing with their social media because they’re overcoming the challenge that more formal businesses can have”, Janet says. “It can be difficult to find a way in, because you can’t talk about cases usually.” 

The company are based in Yorkshire, with 14 offices in the region. 

“They do a great job – they talk about their community and have encouraged their 270 members of staff to embrace social media and get the engagement and connection going as they share the good things they’re doing in the community and how they’re enjoying themselves working for the company.” 

Janet Bebb is one of only 24 Accredited Facebook #SheMeansBusiness Trainers in the UK. She is a social media consultant, trainer and Twitter wall/event manager for Social Progress in Yorkshire. The company specialises in social media account management, training and consulting.  

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