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Telecoms Tools for Marketeers

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Utilising telecoms solutions is probably not the first thing that springs to a Marketeer’s mind!

However, the Marketing Team at Diva Telecom have highlighted a few handy tools for businesses large and small to boost your marketing campaigns, which we want to share with you here:

1) SMS

Text Campaigns – How is your email marketing campaign opening rate looking these days? Let’s be honest, you probably don’t open all marketing emails that you receive yourself. SMS on the other hand is another story – according to Mobile Intelligent Review Survey 98% of text messages are read – which is a great opportunity for marketeers!

SMS marketing is a cost-effective way to get your message (such as promotions, events or brand awareness) in front of the right audience, it’s quicker, more targeted and results can easily be measured. 

You are probably thinking how could telephone numbers possibly help with your marketing campaign – just bear with us and all will be revealed!

Campaigns – You can buy a bespoke number for marketing campaigns, which will help you track results and ROI. You could, for example, publish a different number for a press campaign and poster and compare results. Or choose a number different to your existing telephone number and publish this on Google My Business to track how many calls arrive via Google – that’s what we do and the results were way bigger than we expected!

Local marketing – You can buy a local number in UK towns and cities or even worldwide, which then get routed to your existing phone (or mobile!) wherever you are. This gives your business an instant trustworthy presence in a new location, without having an office there, plus makes it appear much larger!

Get more calls – If you want to increase the number of incoming calls then consider the ROI of investing in an 0800 freephone number, which will remove cost barriers of your prospects.

Memorable number – You would be amazed what difference a memorable number can do in making your business stand out from competitors! Easier to dial, they attract more callers, make your business more recognisable and cement your professional image.

We’re still on numbers, but here is where it gets really interesting. When you purchase a number they often come with plenty of cool features (many of them for free) – some of which are great for marketing!

On hold marketing opportunity – Don’t waste valuable opportunity to inform your captive audience, by just playing some lovely music! Playing relevant marketing messages can help your campaigns reach a wider audience, right when they want to hear from you. Plus whilst on hold or in a call queue it’s the perfect opportunity to inform your audience about latest news, a product launch, or prompt them to follow you on social media or sign up to newsletters. 

Market Research – “Post call surveys” are a great research opportunity for you, whilst you’ve got your audience at the other end of the line. Gain real insights by asking for example what your callers think of your business, how they found out about you, or collate valuable customer services stats which you can publish to promote your friendly team.

Proving your ROI – I’ve briefly touched upon this above, but by attributing a telephone number to a marketing campaign you can effectively track the ROI by seeing who calls in on that number. The in-depth reporting tool can provides your business with real time and historical statistics based on your incoming calls, giving you greater insight into the effectiveness of campaigns.


Ultrafast work – Our Marketing Manager’s favourite! Why? Because it no longer takes forever to share or download massive artwork files or upload videos to our YouTube channel. In a flash 50mb worth of files from partners are on our desktop ready to use – that’s pretty amazing as far as we’re concerned.

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