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“Driving digital transformation of small and medium sized business”


An economist and economic development practitioner, Muz is the founder of the highly successful Digital Enterprise business support programme, which aims to help businesses in the Leeds City Region grow and develop by investing in digital solutions and skills.

Muz and his team of digital growth advisors are dedicated to driving digital transformation across the regional economy by working with small and medium sized businesses to identify their key priorities for investment and help them access funding so that they can improve their digital capabilities.

Muz says, “It has been an amazing experience to see so many young and established businesses prosper and improve their productivity and competitiveness with the help of Digital Enterprise.  The programme continues to evolve and expand by offering innovative and impactful interventions, which address the growing needs of businesses.”

Never happy to stand still, Muz is aiming to further develop the strategic vision around how digital technology can provide new solutions for firms to achieve digital transformation by bringing together the vibrant digital supply sector and business community, so that entrepreneurs can exploit the opportunities that digital technology offers.

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