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Google launches Currents App in Beta to Replace Google+ for Businesses

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

With the news earlier this month that Google+ was coming to an end. Google is now launching a new Currents app to replace the void Google+ is leaving behind for enterprises.

Available in beta, G Suite users can now request early access, with seasoned Google+ users able to transfer their content once enrolled. This is not the first time Google have used Currents for the name of a product. Back in 2011, Current’s was the name of a magazine app, which was replaced two years later by the Play Newsstand – now Google News, which joined together combined Play Magazine and Currents.

Currents brings all the main features of the old app, but with a brand-new interface. With easy access to tags, attach button, and new compose content. Users will also be able track key analytics for their posts. Enterprises will see the benefit of using the platform to engage with their employees more directly, with features such as having posts that can be given priority in the home stream, improving, collaboration, engagement and organisational alignment across priorities.

Currents app can also connect staff to useful and timely content that is tailored and relevant to their role and interests, make better use of employee time. Using tag features to make the discovery of content that much easier.

Admins can also create custom content streams to target specific content to a set of employees, and track metric to see which content resonates better with the organisation. Admins have other powers as well, like managing tags, moderating content, and more.

Here's a quick run down of the main features of Google Connect:

• Engage with your staff and teams, have meaningful discussion and keep on top of current topics – together!

• Build a productive community, with everyone quite literally on the same page.

• Have an idea? Communicate with others and get instant feedback.

• Easily find and repurpose your previous content and resources that a relevant to your current work streams, but with the added benefit of customisable help from Currents

• Available to all G Suite users. Interact with others both inside and outside of your organisation via private communities external to your company domain.

• Currents is available to all G Suite users and included with the price of subscription. Once rolled out, all employees will be able to engage in rich discussions at every level of their organisation.

To keep up to date with the current features and top question on the official Google Cloud page.The Currents beta app is available on all G Suite editions, to request access to the beta programme, organisations will need to send an email to

Will you be using the new Currents app for your business?

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