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Taking Chat Bot technology to the next level!

We have seen the benefits of chat bot technologies embedded into websites, however could we become a market influencer in extending bot technology out to a wider target audience using social media messaging platforms?

This blog looks at new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

In-Article Chatbot

The BBC have piloted a first in-article chatbot by adding a conversational interface to the bottom of BBC News stories. Allowing readers, the opportunity to discover more about the specific article topic through a bot dialogue. These conversations are pre-composed with content written using a multiple-choice answer. Following the success of their trial, the BBC created an in-article chatbots for use in the UK’s general election to the Royal Wedding answering user questions on the most popular news stories.

Quiz Bot for Facebook Messenger

In addition, the BBC also produced a quiz bot within a Facebook Messenger bot in conjunction with BBC News’ on the subject matter of air pollution called “So I Can Breathe” season. Online users were presented with a range of multiple-choice questions to answer before given the correct answer.

The chatbot pilots carried out by the BBC illustrate that there is certainly a demand for further conversational style online, appealing more to younger users with inquisitive minds for concise answers.

Do you agree that the chatbot technology on messaging channels can help your business reach out to audiences who only engage occasionally?

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