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Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Global language service provider, thebigword Group, has announced a brand new partnership with global IT Solutions Company and digital transformation expert, Techwave.

Techwave is a US-based global software Solutions Company, headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania. As a leading global IT service, Techwave revolutionises digital transformations and enables clients to maximise their potential and achieve a greater market.

Thebigword Group has entered a long-term partnership with Techwave who will assist the company in the redesigning of its technology products and services. As cloud experts, Techwave will be an integral part of the company’s plans for cloud migration, assisting with digital transformation, moving out an entire infrastructure estate into the cloud.

As part of the partnership launch, Chief Information Officer at thebigword Group, Mark Rice, recently visited Hyderbad, India, along with Techwave's European Vice President, Murthy Maddali, to open a Digital Centre of Excellence, to cement the partnership.

The dedicated Digital Centre of Excellence will accelerate thebigword’s Digital Transformation, maximising value added activities and reducing waste within the process. Migration to the cloud with Techwave will increase the company’s rate of development and agility in order to release new technology more rapidly.

The centre will focus on digital transformation initiatives that are designed to deliver next-generation services, enhance subscriber experience, and improve operational efficiency across thebigword’s entire portfolio. All processes will be automated where value is not being added by a human, therefore, reducing the Group’s cost base as a whole.

The new centre is a crucial step that will allow thebigword to develop more robust, innovative verticals to its core business model. Leveraging Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to enable thebigword Group’s products and services to make quicker and better decisions, maximising fulfilment and reducing the non-value added time for the Translation project process.

Mark Rice commented: “I was truly honoured to open the new centre of excellence in India. thebigword Group is a global business with a goal to constantly improve product support and quicker technology implementations.

We are thrilled to be entering a mutually beneficial, long term partnership with Techwave, to really transform our digital products for the future of thebigword Group and our global plans ahead.”

The introduction of a 24/7 dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) will enable customers to have peace of mind that no matter what time of day it is, all technology operations are monitored and fixed on site if there is an issue.

Murthy Maddali added: “Techwave is excited to join hands with thebigword, making the world smaller through breaking language barriers. The CoE will give access to next-generation digital technologies, skills, and talent that will help thebigword reshape what’s next.

This is in line with our strategy focused on scaling agile digital business, energizing the core via AI and automation. This is the beginning of a long term mutually beneficial journey.”

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